Pan PaulsonPam Paulson (Waukesha, WI) has lived in WI all of her life and started contra dancing in Kansas City, KS. It’s quite fitting that she started contra dancing as a dance gypsy. After that start in Kansas City she found the local communities in Delafield and Madison. After dancing locally for 2 years she started going to dance weekends, Squirrel Moon, Breaking Up Thanksgiving, and then Pigtown! She was hooked on gypsying and for the next several years she was able to go to around 25 weekends a year! Things have slowed down a bit as far as weekends go, only 12-15 a year now. Pam has danced in 25 states with the goal of dancing in all 50! This year was the first time she was able to go to Pinewoods and it was amazing! She’s fortunate to be able to help with Squirrel Moon held at Folk Lore Village near Madison, WI in September. She makes sure everyone is fed all weekend. In 2008 Pam was the driving force behind starting IndepenDance held in July in Delafield, WI.

Because of her experience gypsying Pam was able to incorporate many of the best ideas and the weekend was a success from the first year! Pam is passionate about contra dancing and loves waltzing. No matter where she is, local dance or weekend, the contra dance feels like home. She’s looking forward to serving on the board to help continue the traditions and link those who love them. To support her dance habit Pam is the Business Manager for a Waukesha Funeral Home.

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