Frannie MarrFrannie Marr (Carlsbad, CA) is a caller, dance organizer, and dance gypsy residing in Southern California. After being dragged to a contra dance by her sister in 1998, Frannie fell so in love with dancing that she began teaching contra dances to her elementary school students. Shortly after a successful (though intimidating) calling debut at an open mic night in 2007, Frannie called her first full night when a friend asked her to cover on short notice. She’s been calling regularly ever since! Eight years of consistent calling have made Frannie a popular West Coast caller, calling regular dances from Southern California to Seattle, and special events/weekends throughout the country. Frannie continues to grow as a caller, and has recently begun calling squares and English Country.

Frannie started her organizing career in the Los Angeles area by joining the board for the California Dance Cooperative. For several years, she produced the second Saturday Contra dance in Sierra Madre, and is now the producer for the fifth Saturday Challenging Contra dance series in Pasadena. For the last decade she has organized the highly successful Fiddling Frog Dance Festival held on the last weekend in February in Pasadena. Since moving to San Diego county with her husband Bill Ralston, Frannie has coordinated touring bands traveling through southern California, and contributed to the Contra Dance Committee of San Diego Folk Heritage.

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