Chris WeilerChris Weiler (South Burlington, VT) discovered contra dancing on New Year's Eve in 1995 after being prodded by a friend for months to give it a try. Even though he didn't believe he could dance, he had so much fun that he kept going to David Kaynor's Friday night dances in Greenfield, MA. Eventually learning he was wrong about his abilities, he started dancing ECD, ballroom & swing. In 2004, he attended his first CDSS camp (American D&M Week) and called his first dance at camper's night. After that first camp, with Seth Seeger, he started Shared Weight, an e-mail list serve where callers, organizers and musicians can exchange ideas. He became a regular caller in the New England area and started the Mill City Dance in Manchester, NH in 2005. He has also choreographed a few contra dances that get called here and there. In 2008 he was one of the founding members of Boston Intergenerational Dance Advocates (BIDA) in Cambridge, MA.

Chris supports his dance habit as a freelance mechanical engineer helping companies design new consumer products. Recently relocated to the Burlington VT area, he and his wife Anne are looking forward to getting involved in local dance events and bringing up their toddler son in the dance community.

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