20th pourparler flyerDo you teach folk/traditional/creative dance or music in schools and/or community events? Come share with others who do this vital work for an extended weekend of dancing, singing, playing music, sharing ideas and networking. (Pourparler [poor-par-LAY], Fr., a chat, a parley). Local hosts are Ann Fallon, Busy Graham, DeLaura Padovan, Eric Maring, Janine Smith, Kappy Laning.

The National Pourparler Steering Committee consists of founder Sanna Longden along with Margaret Bary, Karlene Kjerstin, Jeremy Korr, and Mady Newfield.

Presented by the National Folk Organization and sponsored by CDSS and NEDM, the 20th Annual Pourparler conference is being held on the weekend of September 14 - 17, 2017, in Galesville, Maryland. CDSS members get a discounted rate, and we are also offering $100 scholarships towards the program fee to two deserving members of CDSS.

Interested? Download the flyer or click here to register for the conference.

More information at http://nfousa.org/pourparler/

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