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Nearer and Farther Book
The companion book for the Rebecca King CD, Nearer and Farther contains tunes, piano arrangements, p..
Nearer and Farther
 Nearer & Farther, Beautiful English Country Dance and Contra Dance tunes composed and perf..
Suffer No Loss
The new CD from Keith Murphy!  Suffer no loss features traditional songs of Newfoundland and New Eng..
Rhonda's Romance & Other Mdern Contra Dances
21 new Contras, 1 Triplet, 1 Circle Mixer, and 2 Mescolanzes by Michael Barraclough!..
Returning Heros
Spare Parts is back with a new CD straight out of the 1860s! Spare Parts is know for both their ..
Rapper: The Miner's Dance of North East England
Published by the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS), Rapper tells the story from its ro..
Features 12 tracks of daring acoustic music as the band stretches out to develop its unique soun..
Promise of Spring
Promise of Spring includes 21 dance length selections of music composed by Charlene Thomson. Lor..
Prime Calculated Figures, Vol 7: A set of Fifteen English Country Dances
Volume 7 of Gary Roodman's English country dances. With updated index for all 7 volumes.  2005 ..
Perpetual e-motion
Captivating and passionate, that's how Perpetual e-Motion likes to serve up their dance tunes. C..
Pat Shaw: His Life Through Memories 1917-1977
Patrick Shuldham-Shaw was a man of many talents. He had a thirst for learning and had not only a..
Pat Shaw Collection of Dances
Books 1 through 3 of The Pat Shaw Collection in a single more friendly form!..
Out of the Hat
A mixture of English Playford / Playford-style and American contra dance tunes. Including music ..
The Opal Ring
Real folk-music: old ballads and contemporary songs, with expert accompaniment on acoustic instr..
Old New England has a new CD, their third, called ONE:III of course. Here is a blurb from Mary D..
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