Board Officers
Board Members at Large
2019 Board Nominations


The geographically diverse Board is listed below. Correspondence for them may be sent to For photos and bios of Board members, click on the individual names.


Name State Term Ends Office
Gaye Fifer PA 2021 President
Dorcas Hand TX 2020 Vice President
Brooke Friendly OR 2020 Secretary
Joel Bluestein VA 2019 Treasurer

Board Members At Large

Name State Term Ends
Peter Baker MI 2020
Nancy Barbour NJ 2019
Beverly Francis OH 2020
Katy Heine NY 2019
Nikki Herbst IA 2021
Donald Hughes NC 2020
JoLaine Jones-Pokorney FL 2021
Susie Lorand MI 2020
Frannie Marr CA 2019
Sharon McKinley MD 2019
Craig Meltzner CA 2019
Avia Moore ON 2021
Pam Paulson  WI 2021
Doug Plummer WA 2021
David Roodman DC 2019
John Seto CA 2019
David Shewmaker DC 2021
Norm Stewart KY 2019
Chris Weiler VT 2020


Every year the Nominating Committee nominates one or more candidates for each position becoming vacant among the officers and Governing Board members at large, taking into account needed skills, geographic diversity, and a balance of interests and backgrounds. Click here for the 2019 nominating slate and accompanying biographies. 

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