Current Board Members

The geographically diverse Board is listed below. Correspondence for them may be sent to For photos and bios of Board members, click on the individual names.


NameStateTerm EndsOffice
Gaye Fifer PA 2024 President
Nikki Herbst IA 2023 Vice President
Pam Paulson WI 2023 Secretary
Susan English OH 2028 Secretary-elect
Joel Bluestein VA 2025 Treasurer

Board Members-at-large

NameStateTerm Ends
Peter Baker MI 2023
Jenna Barron MA 2024
Margaret Bary NY 2024
Jeremy Carter-Gordon MA 2023
Norman Farrell WA 2025
Alice Kenney MA 2024
Howell Lankford OR 2025
Susie Lorand MI 2023
Robbin Marcus GA 2025
Craig Meltzner CA 2025
Avia Moore ON 2024
Justin Morrison MA 2023
Marni Rachmiel WA 2023
Diane Silver NC 2025
Luanne Stiles NC 2023
Juliette Webb TN 2025
Chris Weiler VT 2023
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