A great number of recordings of English country dance music are available from the CDSS Catalog and from other sources. Here are a few suggestions to get started, which we have chosen to go along with our recommended beginning dances.

  • The CDS Boston Centre English Country Dance Collection: Bare Necessities, an internationally-renowned English country dance band, has recorded 15 volumes of dance-length and dance-tempo tracks, featuring a wide selection of ECD repertoire. CDSS has published companion books of dance instructions for several of the CDs. The tunes for several of our recommended dances for beginning callers and dancers can be found on the Boston Centre CDs. We recommend starting with Volume 9: Strong Roots (mostly older historical dances) and Volume 3: Simple Pleasures (mostly easier dances).
  • Juice of Barley: this cassette by the Claremont Country Dance Orchestra includes many simple English dances, including a number of our recommended beginning dances.
  • By Popular Demand: this cassette by Phil Merrill and Marshall Barron also includes an excellent selection of classic dances, and includes several of our recommended beginning dances.
  • The CDSS Online Store features many other recordings of ECD music. Click on the icon for English Dance on the store home page for our current offerings, or get in touch with us if you want a recommendation. If you are looking for a specific tune or dance take a look at this list of ECD recordings in the CDSS catalog sorted by dance name.
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