You can add your group's events to the CDSS calendar. At first glance, this may seem a little daunting, so here are step by step instructions to make it as painless as possible.

Step 1 - Click Submit an Event

Without logging in to the CDSS site, roll over the Community menu and click Submit an Event. (Or go to the Events Calendar page and click the green "Add an Event to the CDSS Calendar" button.)

Step 2 - Fill out your event information

event common fields topFill in your event title.

Next, select your event categories. Click in the box to the right of Categories and a dropdown list will appear - you can select multiple categories.

Next, add your event description. Please include:

  • Sponsor (that would be your organization!)
  • Website URL
  • Text about your event - there's no limit to what you can put here, but try to keep it to a few paragraphs or less

Step 3 - Select or Add Location

select locationOnce you've entered the event description, select or add a location by clicking on the Select Location button.

selectlocation2In the screen that pops up, check to see if your event location is listed. If it isn't, click on Create Location.

create location

In the next screen, fill out your event location information. When you are done, click Save & Close to save your location.

Step 4: Fill out Contact and Extra Info

extra infoType in the name/email address for the contact person for your event and enter any additional information about the event in the Extra Info box.

Step 5: Fill out your own name and email address

verificationFor verification purposes, fill out your name and email address. Click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox now, or wait until you've done Step 6.

Step 6: Enter Your Event Day and Time Information

calendar top2

Now fill in your event day/s:

  • For one time (special) events that last a day, make the start date the same as the end date.
  • For weekend events or week-long events, put the last day of the event into the end date box.
  • For repeating events, make the start date and end date the date of the first of the repeated events
  • If your event lasts all day or multiple days, check the box to the right of "All day event or unspecified time."

Step 7 - Set up event repeats

calendar repeatsIf you have a repeating event (such as a dance series), you'll need to set up your repeats.

  1. For an event that happens every month, select Monthly.
  2. Enter the number of repeated events (counting the first one).
  3. Select the day or days of the week of the repeating event.
  4. Select the week/s of the month of the repeating event.

The event in the image at right is set up to repeat on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays of each month.

Step 8 - Save your event

save and closeWhen you are done creating your event, scroll up to the top and click the Save & Close button. Your event will then be submitted to the webmaster, who will review it and publish it in a timely fashion.

Ready to add an event? Click here.

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