Just before a dance started, I had to tell Peter and Doug Creighton (concertina) that the evening’s pianist had been called to a family emergency. After they both expressed concern, Doug gestured at the piano and winking at Peter said, “Think you can play it?”

Peter put down his flute and moved to the bench saying, “I guess I can figure it out.” He played virtually the entire program from memory, and wonderfully.

Many of us have deep gratitude for the immeasurable joy that Kate and her music have added to our lives. Since she lives nearby, we get to enjoy her music and prankster’s humor more than most, at innumerable dances, playing with Aldo Fabrizi and Karen Axelrod in 3rd String Trio, and at social gatherings. We’re completely spoiled having her musical genius in the wider dance community and locally.

Thank you, Kate. You’ve added so much to so many lives and your efforts will be so enduring, I think yours could be called the “Lifetime Many Lives, Many Contributions Award.”

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