Dear Kate!
I have listened to and watched the evolution of your music and your life, with interest, awe, fascination and especially love, since the 1970’s when I danced in the Boston area and subsequently at dances up here in the NH/VT/MA area.

I have felt very much at home being a dancer-of-few-words, a communicator with movement and body, and an appreciator of wonderful, live music for the dance.

But I do want to write now that I will never, ever forget one particular dance at one particular Brattleboro Playford Ball…I think around 2010 or so. I am pretty sure we were dancing as partners. I am pretty sure you were on a break from playing music on stage. I know we were both in a fast moving, complicated, wonderful square, a “for those who know”…so it must have been Newcastle. All of us dancers were women. And I have never laughed as hard as I did during that dance, as we flew through it helping each other and dancing with abandon, laughing with joy.

Thank you so much for all you have brought to my music and dancing experiences over the past 43 years. Wow! I feel blessed! Congratulations on your 2020 Lifetime Contribution Award! It is such an appropriate award for you! (And thank you for agreeing to inherit my beloved ceramics books, from another time in my life! It meant so much to me that they were moving on to you and your clay studio maker colleagues!)

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