From a caller’s (and dancer’s) perspective, I’ve always been impressed with Kate’s talent and versatility. I feel lucky to be able to work with her so often, and I enjoy her musical humor.

I am also forever grateful for the English Country Dance tune books! Not being a musician, I don’t have experiences of Kate’s mentoring or support of other musicians, but I do remember seeing that in action.

I was sitting on the bleachers next to the festival orchestra when NEFFA was still at the Natick high school. Kate, then Peter, was in the front row and had one of the few microphones on stage for the large group of musicians. Sitting beside him and playing the fiddle was a boy who had to have been no older than ten. During one of the tunes, Peter stopped playing and moved the mic stand, adjusting it so the boy was playing into the microphone. What a kind thing to do—to take the spotlight off himself and put it onto a budding young musician. If I’d been the boy, I would have been thrilled!

Congratulations, Kate, on your well-deserved award!

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