For decades, Kate has been my musical idol. My first memories of Kate are from when she played piano for contra dances at the Brimmer & May School in Chestnut Hill, MA, back in the late 1970s. I have to admit that I was struggling as a new dancer, and it surprised me to hear so many musical and creative moments when I finally had enough brain cells to listen to the music.

Over the years, I have heard Kate play for contras, English Country dances, and Scottish dances. What I always wait for are those inventive moments when Kate weaves a totally different tune into the original tune. Or, when Kate's music makes me laugh—a spontaneous, silly, clever musical moment as Kate does something with the tune that makes my cheeks hurt, because I'm smiling so much!

And what about those unexpected chords? A bass line going to an unexpected note, a substitution chord that rings out always keep me listening not knowing what's going to happen next. When the Pinewoods Camp House offers low lighting and a totally different mood, there you are crankin' out those 12-bar blues.

I could go on and on ... but what seems especially poignant is your willingness to encourage and appreciate other musicians. You are so extraordinarily genuine and approachable and your willingness to share your creativity is a true gift, Kate.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making me listen, learn and appreciate all you have to offer!

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