Three things come to mind. The first was the yearly music party at the Winchester house shared with Susie and Larry back in the 80’s. It was the one Saturday night that no dance could be scheduled because every musician was at the house party. Each room would have a different session going on.

The second was how Kate helped calm a certain young, beginner sound technician (perhaps my first time running sound at camp) deal with unruly dancers at Pinewoods. The crowd was doing the typical “it’s too loud,” “It’s too soft,” “I can’t hear my favorite musician,” “too much piano,” etc. Kate saw the growing frustration, walked over, took me aside and quietly shared a joke having to do with the difference between sound technicians and toilet seats.

The third is that whenever I go to a dance—Massachusetts, NJ, PA, or wherever—and get to the front of the line, Kate always catches my eye and give a huge smile. Makes one feel very welcome.

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