Peter Barnes was sitting on a log in front of the dining hall at Pinewoods one night. The conversation was about Boston accents. I happened to walk by and said to him, “What ah you, [disparaging word]?” Much to my delight (and relief), he laughed heartily.

I consider Kate the MVP of country dance. The Barnes Books and Kate’s skills as a musician are all well-known and beloved, as is her musical sense of humor. But there’s more! No English or contra musician I know plays with more joie de vivre. Kate always has a radiant smile ready for any dancer who smiles in appreciation of the music. When she plays, she is connected to everyone in the room.

Kate became a member of the Fabrizi family through her involvement with 3rd String Trio, whose music I adore. Kate, I am still grateful for the house concerts you and the band played for my parents, for all the laughter you’ve brought into my life, and for so, so much more. Congratulations! You’re wicked pissah.

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