After years of knowing who you were, we ended up lucky enough to live 1.9 miles from you, got to know you better, and now see you way more often.

We love your sense of humor (Susan has fond memories of an outgoing message on your answering machine that ended with you playing the tuba). We value your kindness. We appreciate your curiosity when we're sitting on our porch, talking about whatever, and you ask questions with a genuine curiosity to learn more about what we're thinking, or why we believe something. We benefit from your skill and enjoyment of pottery at just about every meal at our house now.

You're a joy to play music with, and you always make us sound better when we play with you. You're so encouraging to both of us musically. You have a generosity of spirit that we are blessed to have seen, and we can't imagine not having you in our lives now. Very best wishes for some well-deserved recognition of your place in our community.

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