Hi Kate,
Congratulations on your lifetime achievement award! It was quite the event, and I'd like to add my voice to the deserved appreciative comments and stories sent your way.

I've never played as large a role in the music and dance community as I would have preferred, in part because I did become a physical scientist, and that sort of career has its own time consuming aspects, a disadvantage of finding math easy :-) so as it turned out I've only had a few opportunities to play music with you over the decades. A couple of quick stories do come to mind:

  1. Shortly after I moved to the Boston area from San Francisco in 1983, I had the opportunity to play some tunes with you and Mary Lea after dinner in Jack O'Connor's kitchen in Carlisle—I don't recall what instrument you were playing, but I was very strongly struck with how musically supported I felt on mandolin that evening and how easy it was to play well with you. This was quite a nice session, and several medleys in, you asked me if I was interested in going back to playing professionally: at the time I demurred, having just joined a startup company that I was pouring myself into more than full time. Nonetheless, Jack got grumbly at your comment, in retrospect another form of flattery :-). You and I ended up playing together only a few times on stage, each providing me with that same feeling of ideal teamwork / support that has become my difficult-to-meet standard in seeking others to play with.

  2. Over the years that you continued to play regularly for dances at the Scouthouse, a frequent treat for me as a dancer was hearing a musical joke you'd pull off, and when I'd look up to the stage smiling in appreciation, you'd often be scanning the floor, I figured to see who got it. Carol and I often traded notes about this, remarking when one or the other of us managed to catch you eye. Fun times, and many thanks.
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