Bare Necessities has been coming to Fairfield, Iowa, the first weekend in November every year for 25 years (except 2020), so we have known and loved Kate for a quarter of a century!

We always enjoy her musicality, her sense of humor and her big smile that radiates love to everyone around her. Kate, you are SO deserving of this lifetime award! We look forward to seeing you again this November in Fairfield, Iowa, to hear you play and to play with you!

2011 Nov 4 Fairfield IA Bare NecessitiesNovember 4, 2011, Fairfield, IA—Bare Necessities2018 Nov 3 Fairfield IA Bare NecessitiesNovember 3, 2018, Fairfield, IA—Bare Necessities

2018 Nov 3 Kate at Rev'sKate at Rev's, November 3, 20182018 Nov 3 Kate on guitarKate on guitar, November 3, 2018

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