Diane & Erik on Pirate Night at Balance the BayDiane & Erik on Pirate Night at Balance the BayKate, I have so many special memories with you, starting with the first Bare Necessities Weekend at Folklore Village. 

BN Weekends every year at Folklore Village and Fairfield, Iowa. And then, when I moved back to California, Contra Dance Weekends with the Latter Day Lizards. Your genius music magic delights me on 15 or 20 of my CDs.

I have so much appreciation for the music workshops I took with you at the BACDS Mendocino English weeks. As a classically trained cellist, I needed techniques to learn how to improvise. It was so exciting every day to learn at least two more ways to do it. With your gentle guidance, I was released from that classical musician cage, and I still improvise most days before I play whatever I'm working on. Kate, you are one of the people who makes the world a better place! I love you! Bless you!

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