I loved hearing about the fullness of your life Kate. Those chapters I didn’t know about—pottery, electronic gizmos—are all inspirational to me, and give encouragement to keep on ‘following the perfume’ of creativity.

Your music has of course been a constant source of joy to me as a musician and dancer. But the event that comes to mind first when I think of you relates to "just doing it."

I was at the Brattleboro English Country Dance Ball a decade or so ago. I hadn’t gone to any of the ball practices since I was a California resident, and had been admonished not to join in on dances I didn't know (a frequent problem when one is usually playing in the band).

You were next to me, muttering about not knowing the dance either. Nevertheless, you grabbed my hand and in we went, faking it and having a rollicking good time.

Congratulations Kate, on your unadulterated appetite for living and a much deserved award!

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