Congratulations, Kate! I feel so lucky to know you! I have loved your music for so many years, and I have been inspired over and over hearing the incredible range that comes through in your playing—from comical and whimsical moments to moments of exquisite beauty that have hit me right in the heart.

I am so in awe of the things you've done and continue to do. We would all be completely lost without the books! And I can't even begin to list off the memories I have from over the years at various camps and gigs of sweet conversations we've had, the fun times when we've gotten to play together, moments of complete joy on the dance floor listening to you play, times when you've given me just the encouragement I needed, and of course, laughter.

I'm so happy that we're all getting this chance to celebrate who you are, what you contribute to the community, and how much you mean to us all. Lots of love to you!

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