When it was mentioned during your award ceremony that you remembered someone saying: "I love it when you stop playing!", it made me smile because that was me.

I remember the exchange very well even though it was decades ago. We were at the Scout House during the break. It is hard to convey how funny your response was, since the words were just: "Thanks a lot!" We both knew what I really meant—how great it sounded when you came back in.

I remember another time, also at the Scout House, when you joined a conversation about how difficult it is when it is necessary to play an instrument that is not your own. Again, your words were minimal—something like: "yeah, I agree," and then you hobbled away as if there was a piano on your back. It was so funny!

One of my last gigs before the pandemic struck was anchoring the BIDA band with you. It was wonderful fun! I hope we can do it again some day.

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