Congratulations, Kate!

I’m so excited for your award and amazing celebration—you have touched so many lives with your vast array of talents and for being exactly who you are!

There are so many ways I’m grateful for knowing you. Countless times your inspiring music and hilarious sense of humor have lifted my heels and my spirits. Right there at the top are the extremely fun Thanksgiving dinners and jam sessions we started in our Lincoln house and continued for many years. I always said that Thanksgiving was my favorite day of the year. Getting to play music with you and our Thanksgiving group was absolutely uplifting and I would float for a long time afterwards. I’ve also loved the meals around the table, the groaning on the floor, my special plate that you made, and everything that went into making the day spectacular.

Also very meaningful is the soulfulness of your playing of the slow air “An Raibh tu ag an gCarraig.” Playing that tune together made me soar and go to musical places I’d never been.

There have been so many dances—English, contra, Scottish—in so many places—Massachusetts, St. Croix, Hawaii—where I’ve had the good fortune to dance to your gorgeous and exhilarating music. It’s hard to express how thrilling it was to hear you play at Pinewoods July 4th this past summer, after more than a year of COVID and isolation. It’s like I woke up again to the amazing wonder and energy of a live band—especially with you playing!

It’s so cool that we both made pottery in Renzo’s studio way back when. It’s exciting to see how your pottery career has taken off, and I am the happy owner of a number of your pieces. You have always been so generous with your many talents. When you published your first book of English Country Dance Tunes, you wrote a note in my book thanking me for “having” your book!

Your generosity, your talents, your integrity, your humor, your friendship and your self have all been inspirations—for me and for many. I am so lucky that you are in my life!

Thank you so much, Kate!

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