Elaine Gernux 2Coming full circle ... Fiddle Orchestra of Western MA, fall of 2017Growing up in Wilbraham, I was fortunate to have Kaynors in my circle of friends...specifically Cindy and Carol. Although we shared Choralyres, theater, and swim team during our years at Minnechaug, I never knew David directly because he was out of high school before we got there ('68-'73).

David was a presence felt nonetheless!

When I returned to the area following college, I discovered fiddle music and contra dancing! I was so excited to learn from David how to fiddle!! I did this through a course being taught by David at UMass (late '70s-early '80s). In typical David fashion, he encouraged all of us in the class to attend contradances in Amherst where he was calling and fiddling! As a new fiddler, I was petrified to be welcomed to sit in on the stage with the musicians and I was unsure about dancing too! David made sure these feelings didn’t last long and i always was glad I was there!

Elaine Gernux 2David: “Please pick up Tracy!” (on my way to his house on Bay Rd in Belchertown)He also welcomed us to his house to jam...again, I was intimidated! At the time, there was a young kid from Hampden (where I now lived) who needed a ride to David’s...her name? Tracy Scott! She wasn’t even old enough to drive yet! (We all know what an awesome fiddler and musician she became, under the excellent tutelage of David Kaynor!)

This is kind of a long way to get to why I have shared these photos but...after the class at UMass, I didn’t keep up with any fiddling...until recently!

Through a friend, I learned that David was directing the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra in Montpelier...and then the Fiddle Orchestra of Western MA was founded in 2017 by Becky Shannon and Alice Yang, under the direction of David Kaynor! Yay!

I immediately joined and was so happy to reconnect with David once again...this time, I was truly ready to absorb all the teaching he offered and jump in with both feet to that awesome world of music and dance!

Thank you, David, for all you have given me...I am the better person for it and you will always occupy a special place in my heart.

Leading High Clouds, the final waltz of the evening, from the floor in truly David Kaynor style, February 2018 (Fiddler’s Green, South Amherst):

Elaine Gernux 2A copy of David’s handwritten version of High Clouds given out during our class at UMass Elaine Gernux 2Anyone remember what year this would be? Book of music given during the class at UMass

Elaine Gernux 2Fiddler’s Green Contradance, South Amherst, with David and Van Kaynor, 2015

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