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The CDS Boston English Dance Collection, Vol. 12 : A Playford Ball

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Price: $16.00

Produced by the Boston Centre of CDSS, the 12th volume in this collection features a choice selection of dances from "The Playford Ball" as published by CDSS. Played with great style by Bare Necessities, comprised of Peter Barnes (flute, whistles), Mary Lea and Earl Gaddis (violins, violas), Jacqueline Schwab (piano). 2009

Track List:

Dargason (4 couples in line 6/8)
Mad Robin (Duple Minor LW 2/2)
Shepherd's Holiday (3-couple LW 6/8)
Orleans Baffled (Triple Minor LW 3/2)
Chestnut (3-couple LW 2/2)
Hey, Boys, Up Go We (2-couple set 6/8)
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot (Duple Minor LW)
The Boatman (3-couple LW 6/8)
Indian Queen (Duple Minor LW 2/2)
Jenny Pluck Pears (3-couple Circle 6/8 and 3/4)
The Queen's Jig (Duple Minor LW 6/8)
Childgrove (Duple Minor Improper LW 2/2)
The Geud Man of Ballangigh (Duple MInor LW 6/8)
The Round (Duple Minor LW 2/2)
Hit and Miss (2-couple set 6/8)
Duke of Kent's Waltz (Duple Minor LW 3/4)


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