Circle dances

Cir (Single circle, hands joined)

Clog Dance
Dorset Ring Dance
Hey de Gie
Iris's Whirling
Sellenger's Round

Cir Cpl (Couples in circle, men on inside)

Barn Dance
Bluewater Two Step
Broadstairs Barn-Dance
Caerphilly March
Call of the Pipes
Dannish Waltz
Dinky One Step
Double Schottische
Gay Gordons
Grand March
Green Sleeves
Heel and Toe Polka
Ideal Schottische
Jersey (For Sam)
Mexican Waltz
Put Your Little Foot
Road to the Isles
Swedish Masquerade
Waltz of the Bells

Cir Mix (Circle mixer)

Alabama Jubilee
Arnold's Circle
Atlantic Mixer
Aunt Hessie's White Horse
Berkshire Fool
Big Hill Mixer
Big Set-Allemande
Blackwattle Reel
Blaydon Races
Cabot School Mixer
Child with Tea
Circassian Circle II
Circle Mixer
Circle Waltz Mixer
Clark's Reel
Cycling May
Dauntless Dorothy
Dear Papa and Dear Mama
Digging Dutchman
Dini's Waltz
Dixie Reel
Donkey Brays
Dutch Rant
Ease About Mixer
Elsden Circle Dance
Farewell Marian
Fever Mixer
Gay Gordons
Highland Fling (Keel Row)
Honeywell Circle
Ice Cream in the Sink
Indian Princess
Isle of Skylge
Jimmy Allen's Daughter
Joe's Round
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger
Jubilee Roundabout
Kennet Mixer
Kitty's Waltz
La Bastringue
Lancashire Reel
Lili Marlene
Linda's Waltz
Lucky Seven
Maggie Mixer
More of a Mixer
New Hoosier
Northern Round
Pat-a-Cake Polka
Paul Jones
Peter's Polka
Pin Reel
Pretty Little Dear
Progressive Barn Dance
Push the Business On
Reel of Ballymore
Robin's Round
Round Robin
Saint Nick's Jig
Score Less Three
Sharkeys End
Sibyl's Roundabout
Sweet Dreams
Ted's Mixer
Tennessee Mixer
Three Ladies Yard
Trip to Tennessee
Virginia Roundabout
Weavers Waltz
Welsh Council
Whitsun Camp Dance
Wood Duck