Longways - duple & triple

Lng D,I (Longways, duple improper)

A-Roundabout Ten
Aaron's Reel
Adventure at Margate
Agnus' Hat
Al's Dayhey
Al's Heyday
Alaskan Hornpipe
Albany Reel
Ali's Allemand
All the Way to Galway
Amicable Settlement
Anne's a Bride Tonight
Anniversary Reel
Anonymous Admirer
Another Way
April Fool
Ashton Polka
Aston Polka Contra
Athens Hill Jig
Atlantic Hornpipe
Autumn Reel
Axiom of Choice
Backtrack Contra
Backward Butterfly
Balance the Lines
Baltish Turn
Banks of the Dee
Bar Harbor
Barham Down
Bartlett House
Bayswater Breakdown
Beaux of Oakhill
Beaver Jig
Belle of the Ball Hornpipe
Belles of Auburn
Betty's Favorite
Bicentennial Beaux
Bicentennial Reel
Big-Eyed Susan
Bill's Rant
Birthday Dance
Blue Bell Reel
Bluemont Reel
Boston Baked Beans
Box the Compass
Boys from the North
Brattleboro Brass
Brimmer and May Reel
Broken Sixpence
Brookfield Fancy
Brookville Reel
Butterfly Reel
Butterfly's Caterpillar
Butternut Squash
C.F.O. Reel
Caller's Delight
Caller's Wife
Canadian Breakdown
Canyon Contra
Caribbean Contra
Carol's Neck
Cassie's Fancy
Casting Sixpence
Celebration Reel
Celebration Special
Centrifugal Hey
Chain the Ladies
Chain Break
Chase Eight
Chase One
Cheshire II
Childwall Chimes
Chili Pepper
Chinese Shoe Breakdown
Choose the Way
Cincinnati Swing
Cockeyed Hey
Cockeyed Susan
Codman Hall
Columbia Contra
Columbus Day
Common Tern
Complementary Contra
Complexity and Confusion
Contra Madness
Contraband Hey
Cotee River Reel
Cottonwood Reel
Country Cousins
Cranbury Reel
Cricklepit Waltz
Crossing the Dyke
Dance One, Pass Two
Dancer's Surprise
Dancing Babies
Dancing Dutch
Dancing Raindrops
Daybreak Reel
Devil's Dream
Devilish Reel
Devonshire House
Diagonal Surprise
Dick's No-Name Reel
Different Vintage
Divorcee's Jig
Dizzy Dance
Don't Get Caught
Double Arches
Double Happiness
Double Swing
Dover Delight
Drake's Drum
Dud's Reel
Durant House Hornpipe
Early One Morning
East Meets West
Easy Does It
Ed's Reel
Eighth Day Polka
Ellen's Green Jig
Ensign Rag
Eternal Bond
Exercise A
Exercise C
Experimental Session
Fabulous 4 & 1/2
Fairfield Fancy
Faithful Villager
Ferrybridge 'A'
Fiddle Hill Jig
First Lady
First Night
Fit as a Fiddle
Flowers of April
Forest De Bondi
Fosters' Farewell
Four Years Later
Frisian Duckling
Frisky Sicilian
Galley Hill Rant
Gene's Victory
Gipsey Hornpipe
Gladys's Galop
Glover's Reel
Golden Anniversary
Golden Chain
Golden Slipper Reel
Good Girl
Grand Allemande
Green Mountain Volunteers
Green River
Green's Reel
Greenpeace Reel
Guardian Angel
Gypsy Round
Half Chased
Happy Valley Reel
Happy Wanderer
Harrow Hoedown
Hastings Reel
Haymakers Jig
Here's to the Fiddler
Here's to the Women
Hertfordshire Hop
Hills of Habersham
Hillsboro Jig
Holiday Jig
Holsteins Pub
Homosassa Hornpipe
Honey Bee
Honor Among Thieves
I Care Not for These Ladies
I.O.C.A. Reel
Idle Noise
In with Both Feet
Inflation Reel
Ingrid's Birthday
Ingrid's Lament
Instant Basket
Intensity Reel
It's Your Turn
Jacki's Jig
Jacki's Jig
Jane 'n' Ted's Ruby Reel
Janet's Contra
Jed's Reel
Jelle and Joly
Jenny Lind Polka
Johnson's Special
Judge's Jig
Justa Contra
Kathy's Kontra
Kill Him with Kindness
Kimmswich Contra
King of Poland
King's Cottage
Kit's Contra
Ladies from the West
Ladies' Heyday
Lady of the Lake
Lady Walpole's Reel
Larry's Way
Last Gasp
Lauren and George
Liesbeth's Double Five
London Forever
Lost and Found
Mac's Favorite
Malden Reel
Maple Leaf Jig
Margaret's Fancy
Margo's Delight
Marie's Favorite
Marshes of Mallow
Martha's Choice
Mary's Back
Mason and Garden
May Day
Men's Turn
Merry Dance
Middlemen's Hey
Midway Weave
Miss Anderson's Allemande
Monadnock Reel
Monterey Special
Morden Reel
More for All
More for Your Neighbor
Moving Day
Mrs Reilly's Daughter
Mud Dauber
My Home
N.E.F.F.A. on Sunday
N.E.F.F.A. Reel
Nancy's Reel
Nantucket Sleigh Ride
Needham Special
New Flow
New Friendship Reel
New-Mown Hay
Niagara Hornpipe
Nicaraguan Scarlet Letter
Nice Combination
North Country Jig
North Country Waltz
Northern Lights
Nova Scotian
Occam's Electric Razor
Ocean View Reel
Old Folks' Jig
Old Raccoon
Old Town Reel
On the Way to Fairfield
One for the Money
One Indecisive Witch
One Lonely Witch
One's Balance and Twirl
Oregon Trail
Our English Dancing Master
Out and About
Parson's Welcome
Party at Zeist
Pass Thru Two
Patriots' Jig
Pearl of Welwyn
Pell-Mell Reel
Peru Runabout
Petronella Swing
Pinewoods Special
Piper's Fancy
Plainfield Perfection
Polka Contra
Prey for the Men
Prey for the Women
Prince Garden
Proud Parents
Quarter Century Reel
Quiet Contra
Rainy Day Jig
Rainy Night Contra
Reading Reel
Red House
Redundancy Longways Contra
Return of Winter
Revisiting Reel
Right and Left Reel
Riley's Reel
Road to Boston
Road to Jaap and Dini
Road Runner
Roaring Forties
Rose in May
Round Hill Jig
Roundelay Contra
Route 61
Royko's Ribfest
Rutgers Promenade
Sailor's Delight
Saint Lawrence Jig
Saint Vrain Creek
Salute to Al Olson
Salute to Bob McQuillen
Salute to Larry Jennings
San Francisco Slip
Sandy's Fancy
Saturday Night Reel
Scout House Reel
September Swing
Settlement Swing
Shades of Shadrack
Shadrack's Delight
Shamrock Special
Shape Up Jig
Shoot the Moon
Siesta Reel
Simp's Reel
Simplex Hey
Small Beer
Snake River Reel
Someone's Delight
Spaelimenninir Reel
Spanking Jack
Spell a Dayhey
Spotted Cloud
Staffordshire Hornpipe
Star Cast-Off
Stroll in Summertown
Summer of '84
Summit Reel
Swing and Hey
Swing the Bride
Swing Your Jennie
Symmetrical Force
Tamarack Reel
Tamboro Jig
Ted's Triumph
Ted's Whim
Terry Lynn's Jig
Terry's Birthday
Thanksgiving Swing
Third Avenue Contra
Third Friday
Three to Get Ready
Tidal Waves
Timber Salvage Reel
Tough and Go
Traffic Control
Treacherous Lover
Trip to Connecticut
Trippers from Amsterdam
Trumbull Green
Turn Quickly
Twin Whistles
Two for the Show
Two Men in the Middle
Two Whos in the Middle
Tyke's Reel
Uncentennial Reel
Uncommon Turn
Unending Ending
Verona's Favorite
Vintage Reel
Walden Hornpipe
Warner Tribute
Washington Hey
Weaving Gypsy
Wedding Band
Weddington Quickstep
West End Saloon
Westchester Waltz
Which Witch
Who's in the Middle
Whoop! Jamboree
Wilfert's Wiles
Winter No More
Winter's Crown
Witches Two
Witches' Switches
Would I?
Yankee Reel
Yenesei Reel
Yucaipa Contra
Yucca Jig
Zombies of Sugar Hill
Zorn's Whirligig

Lng Dup (Longways, duple minor)

All the Way to Beckenham
All Aboard the Lugger
American Hornpipe
Andy and Laurie's Reel
Anna Maria
Another Nancy's Fancy
Anton's Surprise
Apley House
Apothecary Reel
Arthur's Night In
Auretti's Dutch Skipper
B.S.U. Contra
Bar a Bar
Barbarini's Tambourine
Barbary Bell
Barn Elms
Bashful Swain
Basket of Red
Bath Medley
Beachen Cliff
Beaux Delight
Belfast Duck
Belgia Retriev'd
Berely Square
Berkshire Tragedy
Black Boy
Black Boy Alley
Black Jack
Blackbirds of Spring
Blarcham Reel
Blenheim Pound
Blow Away the Morning Dew
Bob's Rant
Bobbing Joe
Bonnets So Blue
Bonnie Ann's Fancy
Bonny Breastknot (Sussex)
Bonny Jean
Booth's Hornpipe
Bouzer Castle
Brass Nuts
Brick Makers
Bricklayer's Hornpipe
British Grenadier
Bromley Bells
Buckingham House
Bump her Belly
Buttered Peas
Butterfly Hornpipe
Byland Abbey
Camptown Hornpipe
Captain Catton's Maggot
Cast a Bell
Casting Pretoria
Catching of Fleas
Chase the Lady
Chase the Squirrel
Cheat the Lady
Cherry Stones
Cheshire Rounds
Chigwell Row
Christ-Church Bells in Oxon
Christchurch Bells
Christchurch Bells (Le Caril-)
Christmas Revels
Cincinnati Hornpipe
Clapham Frolick
Cobbs Hill Reel
Come and See Me
Copenhagen Waltz
Corelli's Maggot
Corn Rigs
Coronation Day
Cottey House
Country Coll
Country Fair
Country Farmer
Court House Celebration
Current Events
Dabney Hall Contra
Dancing Sailors
Dashing White Sergeant
Dashing White Sergeant
De Martelly
Despairing Lover
Devil's Dream
Diagonal Reel
Dick's Maggot
Disbanded Officer
Ditto's Birthday
Dorset Triumph
Double Change Sides
Double Lead Through
Double V Reel
Dover Pier
Down Back o' t' Shoddy
Dr Fauster's Tumblers
Drapers Gardens
Dublin Bay
Dunham Oaks
Durgin Bridge
Easter Eve
Easter Thursday
Eastwell Park
Elverton Grove
Ely Court
Enfield Wash
Epping Hunt
Fair Quaker of Deal
Faithless Nancy Dawson
Female Sayler (La Matelotte)
Festival Jig
Fiddler's Elbow
Fifth of May
Figure Eight
First of April
First Decade Reel
Fit's Come on Me Now
Flowers and Candy
Flowers of Edinburgh
Four, Let's Go
Fourpence Half-Penny Farthing
Frances Ann's Delight
Freeford Gardens
French Four
Friar and the Nun
Fy, Nay, Prithee John
G.E.V.U. Girls
Gentlemen's Pleasure
Geud Man of Ballangigh
Ginny's Gigue
Gone a Rovin'
Goodman's Fancy
Greensleeves (Les Manches V-)
Greenwich Park
Gudrun's Goodbye
Guinea Pig
Gypsy Beaux
Hamburger Special
Happy Marriage
Hare Hatch
Haste to the Wedding (Sussex)
Haste to the Wedding (Devon)
Have at Thy Coat Old Woman
Health to Betty
Helder's Point
Helene's Night Out
High Ginks
Holborn March
Hole in the Wall
Holland's Ginn
Hudson Barn
Hull's Victory
Hunt the Hare
Huntington's Maggot
Hurloch's Reel
I Have a Song to Sing
In the Fields in Frost and Snow
Indian Queen
Irish Hornpipe
Irish Lady
Irish Lamentation
Irish Trot
Jack's the Lad
Jack's Alive
Jack's Farewell
Jack's Health
Jack's Maggot
Jackie's Jaunt
Jacob Hall's Jig
Jail House Jig
Jefferson and Liberty
Jefferson's Reel
Jog On
John the Madman
John Tallis's Canon
John's Fancy
Joseph's Jig
Joy's of Quebec
Jubilee Reel
Juice of Barley
Jump to the Stars
Jumping Joan (Jeanne Qui S-)
Just a Going
Kate's Hornpipe
Kennedys' Rant
Kensington Court
Kentish Cricketeers
Knives and Forks
Knole Park
L.R.W. Contra
Ladies Triumph
Ladies' Fancy
Lady Banbury's Hornpipe
Lady Day
Lady Lye Neare Me
Lardner's Reel
Larry O'Gaff
Lass of Richmond Hill
Last Nighthawk
Leading Lady
Les Longways
Lexington Green
Lilli Burlero
Lilli Burlero (La Lirboulaire)
Little John
Little Neck Bay
Little Nightingale
Llanthony Abbey
London is a Fine Town
London Bridge
Long Odds
Long Pond
Longfellow Wink
Lord Burghersh's Favorite
Lord Foppington
Love Lies a-Bleeding
Lover's Luck
Ludlow Castle
Mad Robin
Maid in the Pump Room
Maid's Delight
Maid's Last Wish
Maids' Morris
Marriage Hater
Mary and Dorothy
Merry Conceit
Merry Girls of Epsom
Merry Girls of Maidstone
Merry Wakefield
Miller's Jigg
Miss De Jersey's Memorial
Miss McLeod's Reel
Mock Hobby Horse
Moll in the Wad
Mollie's Salute
Monday Night
Monk's March With the Wanders
Monks Orchard Rant
More the Merrier
Morning Star
Morpeth Rant
Mount Hills
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Mr Beveridge's Maggot
Mr Cosgill's Delight
Mr Englefield's New Hornpipe
Mr Isaac's Maggot
Mr Lane's Maggot
Mr Motley's St James's
Mr Mozart's Rant
Mrs Savage's Whim
Muddlin' Through Maine
Mulberry Garden
Music Makers Jig
Musicians' Hornpipe
My Lady Cullen
My Lady Foster's Delight
My Lord Byron's Maggot
Nampwich Fair
Nancy's Fancy
Neals Maggot
Never Love Thee More
New Bourree
New Century Hornpipe
New English Lady
New Figary
New New Nothing
Newlyweds Reel
Ninety-Four South Street
No-Body's Jigg
Nonesuch II
Norfolk Long Dance
Northdown Waltz
Northern Nancy
Nottingham Swing
Nowill Hills
Nymph Divine
Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be
Old Batchelor
Old Countryman's Reel
Old Harry
Old Noll's Jig
Old Wigg
Once I Loved a Maiden Faire
Opera Reel
Ormond House
Over the Hills to Glory
P.S. Jubilee Dance
Paddington Street
Paddy on the Turnpike
Paddy O'Boderam
Painted Chamber
Paul's Alley
Paul's Steeple
Paul's Wharfe
Pea Straw
Peace be With You
Petticoat Wag
Pins and Needles
Pint of Derby
Piss upon the Grass
Ploughman's Reel
Pocket Handkerchief Dance
Pool's Hole
Poor Shepherd in Love
Pop Goes the Weasel
Pop Goes the Weasel
Pope Joan
Pretty Miss
Pretty Nun
Pride of Allerton
Primrose Hill
Prince George's Birth-Day
Prince William of Glos'ter's Waltz
Princess Country Dance
Princess Royal
Punks Delight
Put in All
Putney Bridge
Quaker's Wife
Queen Victoria Country Dance
Queen's Birthday
Queen's Jig
Queen's Square
Quirk of Fate
Rachel's Reel
Rakes of Rochester
Recruiting Officer
Red House
Regent's Hornpipe
Road to Ruin
Rocket Reel
Rockingham Castle
Roger de Pasby
Room for Ramblers
Rory O'More
Rose Tree
Rosie Lea
Row Well Ye Mariners
Rowling Eye
Roxburgh Castle
Roy's Wife
Royal Albert
Royal Galliard
Royal Navy
Royal Sovereign
Sadler's Wells
Saint Giles Gate
Sally from Poland
Sally on the Mountain
Salute to Ted Sannella
Saturday Night and Sunday Morn
Savin Hill Hornpipe
Sawney Was Tall
Scotch Measure
Scotch Morris
Sea Nymphs
Seattle's Fancy
Semicentennial Reel
Shawbury Park
Shirley's Wedding Waltz
Sicilian Dance
Siege of Limerick
Silver Jig
Silver Lake Waltz
Skip Sprightly
Slaughter House
Sleepytime Reel
Smarts of New Tunbridge Wells
Smith's Hornpipe
Smith's Rant (Le Pistolet)
Softly Robin
Soldier's Joy
Soldiers Life
Soldiers' Joy
Somerset House
Soulton Jigg
Southdown Parade
Spanish Jigg
Spanish Waltz
Sparkling Eyes
Speed the Plough
Sprigs of Laurel
Starr Label Reel
Stearns Quarry
Stockton Long Dance
Stoolies' Jig
Suburban Contra
Sun Assembly
Sweet Rosie Red
Take a Dance
Tall Trees
Teddi's Birthday
Temple Barr
Temple Change
Thank you, Ted
Thanks for Now
Thomas and Sally
Tod's Assembly
Tom Tinker
Top and Bottom
Touch and Take
Trip to the Camp
Trip to the Cottage
Trip to the Jubilee
Trip to the Jubilee
Trip to the Texel
Trip to Canterbury
Trip to Paris
Trip to Richmond
Trip to Ridgewood
Trip to Teddington
Trip to Wimbleton
Triumph (Northumberland)
True Joak
Trusty Dick
Tuesday Child
Tunbridge Beauties
Tunbridge Walks
Turn and Hey
Twenty-Ninth of May
Twin Sisters
Under and Over
Up to My Ears in Allemande
Up to My Ears in Cast Off
Up to My Ears in Right & Left
Up With Aily
Valentine's Day
Vinton's Hornpipe
Walk Right By
Washington Quickstep
Way to Norwich
We Won't Go Home Till Morning
Well Hall
Welsh March
Welsh Rabbit
What Shall We Do With the Baby
Whimbleton House
Whimsy for Tony
Wives' Victory
Wolverton Hall
Women's Wall
Woolly and Georgey
Wright Butter'd Peas
Wright's Humour
Youngs Wisdom
Zephyrs and Flora

Lng T/D (Longways, triple minor, maybe be done as a duple)

Accomplished Maid
Admiral Mitchell's Waltz
Allemand Swiss
Arkansas Traveller
Beaux of Albany
Black Joke
Bold Highlander
Boston March
Buena Vista
Careless Sally
Chorus Jig
College Hornpipe
Comical Fellow
Dandies' Hornpipe
Dressed Ship
Duke of Kent's Waltz
Dutchess of Brunswick
Fair and Softly
Fisher's Hornpipe
Flowers of Edinburgh
Genet's Recall
German Spa
Haste to the Wedding (Surrey)
Helder Point
Hessian Dance
Hill House
Hunt the Squirrel
Irish Wash Woman
Jenny Come Tie My Cravat
La Belle Catherine
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Love in a Village
Maid of the Mill
Miss Brown's Reel
Miss Moore's Rant
Money in Both Pockets
Mutual Love
News from Tripoly
Old Zip Coon
Over the Hills and Far Away
Perfections of Love
Road to California
Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning
Shelty Frolic
Soldiers' Joy
Step and Fetch Her
Stony Point
Sukey Bids Me
Texel Island
Tink a Tink
Triumph (Surrey)
Up With the Orange
Walcheren Waltz
White Cockade
Wish to Please
Yankee Doodle

Lng T,I (Longways, triple minor, improper)

Aberdeen Haze
April's Hornpipe
Ashuelot Hornpipe
Barbara's Contra
Barry's Best
Baskets of Brew
Blackstone Street
British Heys
Castner's Contra
Cayuga Reel
Cheshire Hornpipe
Chevey Chase
Chicago Challenge
Cocheco Hornpipe
Constitution Hornpipe
Cranbury Hey
Crestwood Reel
Easy Living
Evil Cabal
Exercise B
Family Change
Good Times
Hell or High Water
K & M
Kitchen Hornpipe
La Semilla Hornpipe
Lady Bogart's Reel
Little-Good Harbor
Lonesome Shepherd
Lost Brew
Ornery Orphan
Peterborough Challenge
Queen's Favorite
Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning
Sharp Corners
T.L.C. Special
Tipsy Parson
Two Orange Cats
Washington's Triumph
Who's Who
Witch's Brew
Witches Three
Witches' Paradise
Worth Naming

Lng Tri (Longways, triple minor)

Alderman's Hat
Amy's Farewell
Angenette's Fancy
As Quick As You Please
Ashley's Ride
Bad Times
Barley Mow
Barrel of Sugar
Bath Carnival
Better Day, Better Deed
Black and Grey
Bonnie Cate
Bonny Breastknot (Devon)
Bonny Lass of Aberdeen
British Sorrow
Burgundy's Flight
Bury Fair
Busy Body
Camp House Reel
Cayman Island Contra
Cock Ey'd Brown
College Hornpipe
Collier's Daughter
Concordia Reel
Coney Walk
Constant Lover
Convertible Sofa
Dapper Harry
Dartford Camp
Doll Tearsheet's Rant
Dorchester March
Doubtful Shepherd
Downfall of Paris
Draper's Maggot
Duchess of Hamilton's Rant
Durang's Hornpipe
Dusty Miller
Elegance and Simplicity
Epsom New Wells
Every Lad His Lass
Fallen Leaves
Favorite Scotch Hornpipe
Free Mason
From Aberdeen
Girls of Belfast
Griffith's Fancy
Hambleton's Round O
Hang Sorrow
Hard Times
Hazy Days
Humours of Boston
Hunt the Squirrel
Hunt the Squirrel
I Left My Sweet Girl Behind Me
Innocent Maid
Irish Washerwoman
Jenny Nettle
Jockey to the Fair
Jolly Cooper
Kernan's Contra
Kitty's Rambles
Ladies Joy
Lads of Kildare
Lady from Melbourne
Lady's Breast Knot
Land of Sweet Erin
Leather Lake House
Long Valley
Lord How's Jig
Love Forever
Lowthers' Hornpipe
Madam, You are the One
Maid of the Oaks
Maiden's Blush
Market Lass
Martial Baron
Meeting of the Waters
Megunticook Reel
Men of Law
Merry Companion
Merry Meeting
Merry Month of May
Merry Pair
Minuteman Reel
Miss Arnold's Delight
Miss Barrett's Waltz
Miss Parker's Fancy
Money Musk
Money Musk
Mr Ganiford's Maggot
Mrs Hill's Dance
My Heart's Desire
My Lady Winwood's Maggot
My Lady's Courant
My Mother's Geese
Nancy Dawson
Off She Goes
Old Jubilee
Orlean's Baffled
Oyster River Hornpipe
Parting Lovers
Paston's Maggot
Philip's Fillip
Pickering's Remove
Pleasure of Providence
Pleasures of the Town
Quicker Lass
Quicker Sorrow
Quite Carr-ied Away
Reverse Curves
Rickett's Hornpipe
Round O
Rural Felicity
Russian Dance
Sackett's Harbour
School for Scandal
She Would if She Could
Six Hand Reel
Snowy Breasted Pearl
Soldier's Joy
Soldiers' Joy
Steamboat Waltz
Successful Campaign
Sweet Richard
T & D
Terraplane Waltz
Third Man Theme
Three for Jerry
Three Meet
Three Wheeler
Thunder Hornpipe
Trip to Dublin
Trip to Highgate
Trip to Kilburn
Trip to Nahant
Trip to Virginia
Tunbridge Frisk
Turn Off Six
Up Goes Ely
Village Maid
Ways of the World
White Cockade
Wild Goose Chase
Worcester Assembly
Young Fox
Young Widow