Sicilian circles

Sic Cir (Sicilian circle, couple facing couple)

Alan's Choice
Balance the Star
Bane of Richmond
Beauty in Tears Waltz
Beauty of the Berkshires
Belgian Waltz
Black Jack
Botany Bay
Cheviot Rant
Circassian Circle I
City & Country Waltz
Clevedon Sicilian
Clock in the Window
Cross and Chain
Devonian Double Circle
Duck for the Oyster
Dutch Foursome
Dutch Kipper
Elsie's Special
English Connection
Escort to Leicester
Ferd Farkel's Folly
Fiddle Dee Dee
Flower Girls Dance
Freda's Fancy
Frisian Duck
Goin' Around
Gone for a Burton
Grand Sabbatical
Grand Star Circle
Halsway Sicilian
Ham Hoagie
Hayden's Wheel
Hotch Potch
Indian School Circle
Jerry's No Swing Circle
Julie's Jaunt
Jumping Cactus
K & E Circle
Lady Oriole's Walk
Lindsay Rant
Long Live London
MacFrisian Waltz
Maine Circle Contra
Margaret's Waltz
Marjorie's Mixer
Maverick Waltz Circle Contra
Merrilly We Dance and Sing
Merry Midsummer
Miss Fennessy Smiles
Morecambe Bay
Nan's Waltz
New Floor's Revenge
Nickey Mill Jig
Oh Hetty, Dear Hetty
Paper Chains
Pine Needles
Pinewoods Fun(d) Raiser
Prince Consort's Rant
Promenade Around
Rambling Rose
Remembrance of Rod Linnell
Saint Valentine's Day
Saucy Sailor
Scotch Reel
Sicilian Circle
Sicilian Circus
Sicilian Contra
Silver Circle
Smockington Hollow
Soldiers' Joy
Spanish Circle Waltz
Spring Kidden Wood
Stars and Stripes
Ted's Double Circle
Teddy Kemp's Heaven
Third Saturday Circle
Trooper's Rally
Waltz Country Dance
Waterfall Waltz
West Riding
Whynot's Circle Contra

Sic Dbl (Double Sicilian, 2 couples facing 2 couples)

Bell of Creation
California Reel
Disley Double Quadrille
Downeast Breakdown
Etna Star
Fireman's Dance
Granites Gavotte
Inside-Out Circle
Lockitt Reel
Mrs Foxley's Fancy
Nibs Goes West
Patrick Tobin's Reel
Pippikin Reel
Portland Fancy
Portland Fancy Mixer
Ted's Portland Fancy
Ted's Portland Fancy Mixer
Three Sea Captains
Trip to Cleethorpes
Whifflers Reel
Zesty Contras' Portland Fancy

Sic Mix (Sicilian mixer)

Friday Night Special
If I had Maggie in the Wood
Young Lucy

Sic Spc (Special Sicilian)

American Husband
Becket Circle
F.L.K. Mixer
Luton Town
Magic Rantabout
Marching to Pretoria
Ted's Progressive Triplet
Tribute to Pat