Three couple sets

3c Cir (3 couple circle)

As I Roved Out One Morning
Bare Necessities
Beth's Bedroom Eyes
Boys of Wexford
Dunwich Heath
Epping Forest
Eternal Triangle
Gelding of the Devil
Gossip Joan
I Care Not for These Ladies
Jenny Pluck Pears
Jovial Beggars
Kemp's Jigg
Lavender's Blue
Love and Innocence
Lower Hall
Maid in the Moon
Mary Rose
Mr Bolton's Fancy
Pride of Newcastle
Put on Thy Smock on a Monday
Putney Ferry
Round Pond
Trip to Mill Hill
Twenty-First of May
Utrecht Hornpipe

3c Lng (3 couples, longways set)

Adson's Saraband
Al's Commission
All in a Garden Green
Anchors Aweigh
Anna Maria
Ashes to Ashes
Assembly of Lovers
Beau's Retreat
Beaus of the Park
Beauteous Grove
Beggar Boy
Berkeley Castle
Bilk the Landlord
Black Nag
Blackwell Hall
Blew Cap
Blue Primrose
Bob in the Bed
Bonny Sue
Bottoms Up
Bottoms Upton
Breathless Contra
Bridgwater Bay
Burghees Hole
Capers at Canterbury
Capstan Fiddler
Chamberlain Election
Charming Maid
Chelmsford Assembly
Cloe the Fair
Come Let's Be Merry
Cook's Feet
Cream Pot
Crossing the Bridge
Cuckoo's Nest
Dam it
Daphne's Delight
Delight of Sudbury
Devil Among the Tailors
Devil's Dream
Dissembling Love
Doctor Doolittle's Dance
Don't Just Do Something, Stand The-
Donnie's Farewell to London
Dorothy's Delight
Dr Vincent's Delight
Duchess of Grafton
Dust to Dust
Dutch Pins/Dutch Dollars
Dutch Skipper
Elizabeth's Triad
Errol of the Green
Excuse Me
Fair Maid of Wickham
Fairy Prince
Farewell to Plymouth
Forward Six and Baskets Two
Four Winds
French Ambassador
French Peasant and Jigg
Friday the Thirteenth
Frisian Knot
Furbelows & Apricocks
Gay Gaddabout
Gigue for Genny
Gipsy Hill Jig
Go to the Devil & Shake Yourself
Go George, I Can't Endure You
Golden Square
Goodwin's Maggot
Gradely Lass
Grand Beginning
Green Man
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace
Guardian Angels
Hackney Minuet
Halloween Triad
Handsome Couple
Happy Captive
Happy Pair
Haste to the Wedding (Here)
Haymaker's Dance
Heathfield Rag
Here's Howe!
Herne Bay
Hey Ding a Ding
Hop Picker's Feast
Hudson Guild Triad
Hudson Valley Triad
Humours of the Age
I Often for My Jenny Strove
Jack a Lent
Jack Pudding
Jack's Ramble
Jenny Kilbrides Delight
Johnny Cock Thy Beaver
Jolly Skipper Triad
Jolly Young Waterman
Joy After Sorrow
Juno and Pallas
Katie the Nuisance
Kelsterne Gardens
Kendal Ghyll
Kings Arms Assembly
Kitchen Triad
La Ballet Hollandoise
Larry's Triplet
Lasses of Portsmouth
Leaving of Liverpool
Leiberts' Wedding
Lincolnshire Poacher
Lord Anson for Ever
Love and a Bottle
Love and Beauty
Love's Triumph
Lover's Farewell
Loxley Figure Eight
Maiden Lane
Maidstone Hall
Maine Stay Triad
Margate Assembly
Margate Hoy
Mars and Venus
Measure for Margaret
Mercia March
Merry Andrew
Merry Moment
Millisons Jegge
Miser's Jewel
Miss Nancy's Delight
Miss Sayers' Allemande
Miss Silvie's Delight
Miss Sparks's Maggot
Mock Match
Mr Shaw's Canon
Musical Cheers Triad
N.Y.D.A.C. Triad
Naked Truth
Neat Mr John
New Exchange
New Princess Royal
New Year Star
New Years Day in the Morning
New York
Night Piece
Oil the Locks
Old Mole
Oldenburgh Bonnet
On the Forty-fifth Day
Once a Night
Oswestry Wake
Pat's Tradition
Penny Royal Triad
Peter's Galleon
Peterchurch Figure Eight
Physical Snob
Picking Up Sticks
Pine Cones
Pinks and Lillies
Planting the May
Pleasures of the Town
Polly Put the Kettle On
Potters' Luck
Powell's Fancy
Prince Frederick's Hornpipe
Prince William
Prince William (2)
Prince William's Return
Princess Royal
Ramsgate Assembly
Rant Gone Wrong
Ratcliff Cross
Ravenscroft's Hornpipe
Rural Felicity
Rural Felicity
Saint Brides
Saint Gile's Pound
Saint James's Beauties
Saint Margaret's Hill
Sappho & Phaon
Scotch Billy
Scotch Cap
Scotch Jemmy
Shepherd's Crook Triad
Shepherd's Holiday
Shrewsbury Lasses
Shropshire Lass
Silver for the Matthews
Six & Sixpenny Rant
Six Hand Reel
Splendid Shilling
Staff of Life
Step Stately
Stowe Hall
Sue's Fancy
Suggar Candie
Surrey Hornpipe
Sussex Cottage
Sybil's Au Revoir
Sylvia's Serenade
Ted's Triplet #__
Ten Dollar Ride
Tom Jones
Triad in L# Major
Trip from the Jubilee
Trip to the Laundry
Trip to Ranelagh
Trip to Tunbridge
Trip to Uxbridge
Trip O'er Tweed
Two Sisters
Union Jigg
Upon a Summer's Day
Virginia Reel
Virgins Frolick
Walmer Castle
Waters of Holland
Wedding Bells at Christmas
Wickering Wench
Wildboar's Maggot
Wiltshire Sixhand Reel
Windsor Parade
Winsor Knot
Young Jemmy

3c Mix (3 couples, mixer)

Larry's Nightmare
My Favorite Woman

3c Spc (3 couples in a special formation)

Again Sweet Richard
Ashford Assembly
Buzzards Bay
Cat's Cradle
Crowning Touch
Goose and Gridiron
Graham's Catch
Hard Times
Jacki's Favorite
Jockey and Jenny
Luck of the Morris
Lucky Linslader
Marty Stouffer's Wild America
Nervous Breakdown
Olive's Toy
Pieces of Eight
Rainy Day Triad
Rayleigh Reel
Spanish Farmers' Dance
Three Line Whip
Timothy Turtle
Trip to Orpington
Waters of Holland