Trio dances

Tri (Single sets of 3 people)

Three Hand Reel
Three Handed Reel

Tri Cir (Trios in circle, facing counter clockwise)

Grendon Roundabout
Rebecca's Roundabout
Russian Ballet
Texas Schottische
Three Handed Reel

Tri Mix (Trios mixer)

Brian's Reel
Irish Gypsy
La Triolina
Pop Goes the Weasel
Scatter Threesome
Silly Threesome
Texas Progressive Threesome

Tri Sic (Trios in Sicilian circle)

Annet's Hornpipe
Contra Corners Threesome
Dashing White Lieutenant
Dashing White Sergeant
Denis's Delight
Dixon Sixsome
Double Scotch Reel
Double Speed Hornpipe
Fifth Column Reel
Fryske Trije
Highland Reel
Jeane's Success
Raunchy Richard
Red River Valley
Rustic Reel
Six Reel
Swedish Dance
Three Hand Star
Three Handed Star
Three Meet
Threesome Sicilians
Tipsy Mariner
Two to One
Walpole Cottage

Tri Spc (Trios in special formation)

Blank Verse
Double or Quits
English Air
Four-Wheeled Tricycle
Jerry's Reel
John Raymond
Kielder Schottische
May in the Hague
Meeting Six
Miss Bedlington's Fancy
Mumping Maid
Old Wives' Tales
Other Half
Rubies and Garnets
Three's Company
Twelve Reel

Tri Squ (Trios in a square)

Berea Twelvesome
Judi Peels Apples
Ultra Grand Square