Thank you, Marshall Barron

          Again,  without  the  encouragement  from Marshall
          Barron,  this edition may never have materialized.
          Maybe  we  are  not  surprised. Marshall is always
          enthusiastic and actively supporting country dance
          activities.   However,  we  often  forget to thank
          people  like  that.   So,  on my own behalf and on
          behalf  of all dancers and dance musicians she has
          inspired:  Thank  you,  Marshall, for sharing your
          music, your books and recordings, your leadership,
          and for your inspiration.

          Thanks also to Brad Foster and Kit Campbell of the
          CDSS  staff,  to  John  Ramsay  and  the Christmas
          Country  Dance  School, to EFDSS, to Fried de Metz
          Herman,  to  Fred  Freuthal, and again to Marshall
          Barron  for  donating  or  loaning  material to be
          indexed.  With their combined effort, this edition
          has  grown  to  almost  double  the  size  of  the
          previous  edition.  I would also like to thank the
          many  people who offered suggestions, corrections,
          and  additions.  Please  continue  to help me make
          this as useful as possible.

                  Copyright c 1986  by Peter Rogers