Rick SzumskiPhoto courtesy of Rick Szumski.

Stories from the CDSS Legacy of Joy Society: Rick Szumski

“I have included CDSS in my estate planning because traditional music and dance has contributed so much to me, and I want it to continue into the future. I trust CDSS to use my contribution wisely to promote the traditional music and dance forms that I enjoy so much.

“This is just one of the ways I give back to the dance community. Giving back has never been a burden or chore; I contribute simply because it feels right.

“Including CDSS in my estate plan was simple—all I did was take some information from the CDSS website to name them as a beneficiary. Initially I was reluctant to share this information because I don’t want credit or recognition in any form, but I came to realize that sharing this might help others make their own decisions. I am thankful I am in a position to be able to help CDSS do their fine work.”

-Rick Szumski

Why not share the joy? You can fill out the easy online form like Rick did, or you can email Robin Hayden at robin@cdss.org. And if you’re considering including CDSS in your estate plans but don’t know where to begin, fill out the “Expression of Interest” form on the website, and we’ll help you figure out your options.

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