Puzzle and Game

By Kelsey Wells and Julie Brodnitzki

Beehive puzzleBeehive

By Kelsey Wells

Create words using letters from the beehive. Each word must be more than three letters long and use the center letter at least once. Score one point for each word and three points for each pangram (any word that uses all seven letters). Letters may be used more than once in a word. Our solution list (worth 33 points, on page 33) doesn’t include proper nouns, obscure or hyphenated words, medical terms, or obscenities.

This puzzle is inspired by “Spelling Bee,” published in the New York Times.

CDSS staff play a drawing game on ZoomDraw On Your Head

From Julie Brodnitzki

Julie brought this game to a CDSS staff meeting earlier this spring, and we wanted to share it with our readers! Any number of people can play. Each person participating needs something to draw with (a marker or thicker pen works best) and something to draw on, including a small, hard surface (like a notebook or paper on a clipboard).

The game consists of three short rounds. To start, the leader asks other players for three suggestions of objects to draw (e.g. a basket of fruit, a lightbulb, a guitar). In the first round, each player has one minute to draw the first object as accurately as they can... with their paper on their head! When the time is up, players compare drawings. The second and third rounds continue the same way.

Play as many rounds as you like! This game is also fun via video chat!

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