CDSS News, Summer 2022

Guess Our Favorite Contra Pulse Transcription Errors

By Julie Vallimont, Kelsey Wells, and Ben Williams

This spring marked the two-year anniversary of our podcast Contra Pulse. During the first two years, we edited more than 73 hours of interview transcripts. We use a transcription software, but it’s not perfect and often makes funny mistakes! Here are some of our favorites. See how many you can guess!

Contra Dance Moves and Phrases

  1. Content Answers
  2. Auroria Moor
  3. Colin Responds

Tune Names

  1. Crooked Stonepipe
  2. Bust Up Real
  3. All the Way to Go Away
  4. Husband’s Scores
  5. Golden Slumber
  6. Lisa Shebrook
  7. Bad Shoulders
  8. Lava String
  9. Tom Krause Skulls

Musician and Band Names

  1. Ashanti Quorum
  2. Gala Mockery
  3. Pizza Posse
  4. Lava Teens React
  5. Night and Gal
  6. Edge of Inertia
  7. Bill Tom Check


KenKen puzzle

Fill in the empty squares so that each row and column contains the numerals 1-4. The heavy outlined shapes are cages; the top left corner of each cage has a target solution and an operation. The numbers entered in the cage must combine (in any order) to produce the target solution using the operation specified. KenKen puzzles were created by Tetsuya Miyamoto.


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