Each individual page provides a wealth of detail about its program including the staff list, the schedule, descriptions of daily classes, and more.

2018 Summer Camp Programs

Week Location Adult Family Start Date Program Directors
English Dance Week Pinewoods adult   07/28/18 Robin Hayden
Harmony of Song & Dance Pinewoods adult   07/21/18 Anna Patton
Early Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/11/18 Emily O'Brien
Family Week at Pinewoods Pinewoods   family 07/14/18 Katy German, Elvie Miller
American Dance & Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/04/18 Lisa Greenleaf
Campers' Week Pinewoods adult family 08/18/18 Hannah Naiman
Adult & Family Week at Timber Ridge Timber Ridge adult family 08/12/18 Janet, Robert, Imogen, Cecily Mills
Family Week at Ogontz Ogontz   family 08/04/18 Lily & Paul Leahy
Dance, Music & Spice Cavell adult   08/12/18 Carol Ormand
Square Dance Callers Course Pinewoods adult   07/21/18 Nils Fredland
Everyone Can Improvise Course Timber Ridge adult   08/12/18 Eden MacAdam-Somer
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