Each individual page provides a wealth of detail about its program including the staff list, the schedule, descriptions of daily classes, and more.

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2019 Summer Camp Programs


icon greenSpace Available! icon yellowshort or moderate wait list - if you apply, you might still get in icon redlong wait list - you're welcome to apply, but your odds aren't spectacular

Week Location Adult Family Start Date Availability
English Dance Week Pinewoods adult   07/27/19 icon green
Harmony of Song & Dance Pinewoods adult   07/20/19 icon green
Early Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/10/19 icon green
Family Week at Pinewoods Pinewoods   family 07/13/19 Underway
American Dance & Music Week Pinewoods adult   08/03/19 icon green
Campers' Week Pinewoods adult family 08/17/19 icon yellow
Cascade of Music & Dance Louise adult family 08/12/19 icon green
English Dance Leaders Course Louise adult   08/12/19 icon yellow
Family Week at Ogontz Ogontz   family 07/27/19 icon yellow
Dance, Music & Spice Cavell adult   08/11/19 icon green
Contra Dance Callers Course Cavell adult   08/11/19 icon yellow
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