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Only full‑time registrants will be considered. We do not consider gender in our admissions.

All registrations received by the early deadline of March 19, 2018 (for special courses March 12, 2018) will be processed together. Registrations received after that will be accepted in order of receipt. If a week is oversubscribed on those dates a lottery will be held. Some weeks may fill by the early deadline, but spaces do open up. After March 19, 2018, availability will be stated on this site.

At our family weeks each age grouping has a maximum number of spaces available. All other weeks accept anyone age 15 and up. We sometimes accept a limited number of infants and children at non-family weeks; please call if you are interested. Applicants under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Preference is given to CDSS members whose registrations are received by March 19, 2018 and you may join with Registration. Each adult on a Registration Form must be a CDSS member in order to get preference. Family membership may include up to 2 adults (18+) living in the same household. Preference, within limits, is given to CDSS Committee and Governing Board members and to individuals nominated by CDSS Affiliates (as described in forms sent to all Affiliate groups).

If you are a CDSS member and were wait listed for and did not attend your first choice week the last two times you registered, you are guaranteed admission to your first choice week this year as long as you were a member those previous times and registered by the processing date. If this applies to you, send a note with your Registration Form by March 19, 2018. This priority does not extend to others on your registration. This policy lets people attend their first choice week in the third year, even while attending one of our other programs as a second choice the previous two years.

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