CDSS hosts a web chat series for organizers. We wanted to provide a special page for this relatively new resource because it’s live and interactive! If you would like to receive notifications about future web chats, sign up for Shop Talk (CDSS’s e-newsletter for organizers). After each chat, we will post the slides and recordings on this page.

February 12, 2020 Web Chat #7: Diversifying Income: Thinking Outside the Money Basket

  • 2/12/20 – Web Chat Slides
  • 2/12/20 – Web Chat Recording (also embedded at right)
  • 2/12/20 – Shaking the Cushions – a PowerPoint from web chat guest Jennie Worden
    This presentation provides many useful questions and suggestions to help each dance group assess which fundraising ideas will work best for their group. Ideas for additional income sources included.

October 16, 2019 Web Chat #6: Connecting Community Sing Organizers

July 11, 2019 Web Chat #5: Building Safe Dance Communities

  • 07/11/19 – Web Chat Slides
  • 07/11/19 – Web Chat Recording (also embedded at right)
  • 07/11/19 – Chat Bar Questions and Comments
  • CDSS Community Safety Task Group Toolkit: This is a work-in-progress draft of the Safety Toolkit being produced by the CDSS Board's Community Culture and Safety Task Group. The Toolkit provides exemplar language, drawn from communities across the U.S. & Canada, to aid local leaders in drafting their own safety guidelines and policies. This document gives more detail of what the Toolkit will eventually provide, plus exemplar language for drafting guidelines for Community Culture and Etiquette.

April 4, 2019 Web Chat #4: Family/Community Dance Organizers Unite!

January 16, 2019 Web Chat #3: Increasing Youth Involvement

September 20, 2018 Web Chat #2: Creating a Thriving Open Band

June 21, 2018 Web Chat #1: Boosting AttenDANCE

  • 06/21/18 - Web Chat Slides
  • 06/21/18 - Web Chat recording (also embedded to the right) - Note: We didn't capture the beginning of the chat. The recording begins with Jo Mortland of Chicago Barn Dance Company speaking.

Because the beginning of the web chat wasn't captured, we're offering the entire narrative from our first guest speaker on this page.

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