We believe shared singing is great fun and builds and strengthens community and self expression. We want singing to be a greater part of our daily lives. We hope that these pages give you ideas and resources to help you clearly envision and set up the group singing situation you prefer.

Julia Friend and Nicole Singer want to thank these folks for contributing content and suggestions: Chris Bracken, Ulrike Brauneis, Dennis Cook, Judy Cook, Alan Friend, Rosalie Friend, Chloe Maher, Liz Minler, Rick Mohr, Justin Morrison, Talitha Phillips, Scott Prouty, Ken Schatz, Charmaine Slaven, Natty Smith, Stefan Read, Jenni Voorhees, Heather Wood.

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If you are a traditional folk song organizer or want to be, check out our Starter Kit for Folk Song Organizers.


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