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Fiddle Tunes from the American Revolution

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Captain George Bush's  Revolutionary War manuscript collection of songs from period sources, compiled by Kate Van Winkle Keller
Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Captain George Bush was an officer in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. As he traveled in the service Bush carried his fiddle and in 1779, stationed in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, he began to enter music, dance figures and song lyrics into a small pocket notebook. He copied songs about being a soldier and about love and women; minuets, marches, and other airs; and the figures and music for a number of country dances. In each of the three books, Social Dances, Songs and Fiddle Tunes from the American Revolution, Bush’s music has been edited for modern use with complete annotation and historical notes.

Congress Minuet
Sir Charles Sedley’s Minuet
Miss Hedge’s Minuet
Martini’s Minuet
Marshall Saxe’s Minuet
Bath Minuet
Geminiani’s Minuet
Lady Mary Powis’s Minuet
Mr. Pitt’s Minuet
Lord Hobart’s Minuet
Auretti’s Minuet

Country Dances: 
Successful Campaign
Stony Point
The Dutchess of Brunswick
Soldier’s Joy
The Dutchess of Middlesex
Miss Moore’s Rant
German Dance
The Conquest

Marches from a Fife Tutor: 
White Joke
Lady’s Breast Knot
Come Haste to the Wedding
Guardian Angels
Corelli’s Gavot
Lovely Nancy
Yankee Doodle
Grenadiers March
Count Brown’s March
The Sette in Queen Mab
Hay Makers
The New Coldstream March
The Marquis of Granby’s March, or 1st Troop of Horse Grenadiers March
Bellisle March

Over the Water to Charlie with variations
Trip to Bath
The Circus
Our Pleasure
Catches & Glees
El! Belle Catharine
General Washington’s March
General Washington’s Resignation 

Song Tunes: 
War’s Alarms
Alloa House
Saw You My Hero George
The Dusky Night
New Highland Laddie
Fanny Fairer than a Flower
Chorus in Atalanta
Anna or the Banks of Banna
New Lango Lee

Kate Van Winkle Keller
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