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Old New England

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Bob McQuillen, legendary piano player teams up with Jane Orzechowski on fiddle and Deanna Stiles on flute to produce great New England Contra music. Their combined history of playing Contra music exceeds a hundred and ten years! They've honed their skills, for sure, but it's their sensitivity, caring, intelligence and high spirits which make this music so wonderful. 1996  Great Meadow

Tracks Include:

1. Scotty O'Neil, Jan's March, The Isle of Mull
2. Bill's Reel, Ice Cream Hornpipe, Altan's Reel
3. Melissa's Waltz, April Lee's Waltz
4 Derek's Jig, Bertha's Jig, Black Friday
5. Happy Acres Two Step and Murphy's Polka, Jonny Rhino's Polka
6. Kanaly's Hornpipe, Trafalgar Hornpipe, Herrin' Brook
7. Ms. Hathawy's Jig, Guy Walks into A Bar, Amelia's Jig
8. Visit To Sandy, John Simon McDonald, Good For the Tongue
9. Jane's Hambo, Sohpie's Hambo, Tobuguggen
10. The Canote Men's Bramble, Brick Layers Hormpipe, Cincinnati Hornpipe
11. The Kitchen, The Chicago Reel
12. Eugene O'Donnell
13. President Clinton's Hornpipe, High C's, Kiss The Cook, President Garfield's Hornpipe
14. Jack and Connie's Jig, Cat In the Hopper, Planxty Dennis O'Conor
15. Vampire Reel, Yerow's Reel, Bob With the One Horn
16. Heavens to Besty, Tea with Debra, Mary Elder's Jig
17. Francis' Hornpipe, Russell's Reel, Sandy Silva's
18. The JB Waltz, Amelia, Nancy's Waltz, Linda's Waltz, A to Z Waltz

Bob McQuillen, Jane McBride Orzechowski, Deanna Stiles

Bob McQuillen, Jane McBride Orzechowski, Deanna Stiles
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